SEO Demystified Affiliate Program

6 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Affiliate Program


20% commission

Earn 20% commission on every SEO Demystified course sale that is a result of your referral.

Recurring income

In the case of payment plans or subscription courses, you will receive a percentage of each payment, not just the first.

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Hosted on Teachable

Our courses and affiliate program are hosted on Teachable, so you can easily access your stats, progress and payment info.

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90-Day Tracking Cookie

Refer a student today and even if they don't sign up right away, you won't lose out with our 90-day tracking cookie.

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Paypal Monthly Payouts

Due to Teachable's 30-day refund policy for courses, payouts to affiliates will be on the first of every month. So for January commissions, you'll be paid on March 1st.

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Awesome support

We'll give you 1:1 personal support and guidance to succeed to help you align our courses for your audience.

Who is eligible for the affiliate program?

Students who have purchased the SEO Demystified course are eligible to be an affiliate.

If you haven't purchased SEO Demystified yet, here's the course enrollment link to get started:

Already purchased SEO Demystified?

Click the button below to apply for the Affiliate Program!

(After submitting your application, check your email for the affiliate link and password.)

Frequently Asked Questions

The SEO Demystified Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn money by promoting the SEO Demystified course and sending customers our way.

In your Teachable Affiliate Dashboard, you’ll get a unique affiliate tracking code which you can place in your blog reviews, social media posts, or any marketing campaigns you conduct.

When someone clicks on that link and purchases the SEO Demystified course, you’ll be automatically tagged as the referrer and you’ll earn commission for every course sale that is a result of your referral.

You’ll get 20% commission of every single course purchase that is a result of your referral.

Every customer you refer through your affiliate link will be tracked for 90 days. So if they don’t sign up day 1, but they do on day 88 then you’ll still be tracked as the referrer and you’ll earn commission on every SEO Demystified course purchase they make.

Only students who have purchased/enrolled in the SEO Demystified course is eligible to be an affiliate.


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