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My Journey Towards 1M Monthly Pinterest Viewers: February 2020


Today, I’d like to share with you a big goal of mine for the LeanneWong.Co blog. Last week I updated my case study on how I managed to get a 459% increase in Pinterest viewers within 1 week.

Now, I reach almost a quarter-million people on Pinterest in a single month. I believe reaching a total audience of 1,000,000 people on a single platform is a benchmark that can change a business.

feb total audience pinterest

I am still a little at awe by how powerful Pinterest is as a source of traffic. I believe Pinterest is a dormant giant in the digital landscape. It is not as widely adopted as a popular social media network yet, because well, it is not a social network.

Pinterest doesn’t behave much like a social media platform – where your reach is dependent on your social influence.

Instead, Pinterest is a visual search engine that strives to be a collection of inspiration and ideas. This means that to do well on Pinterest requires quality content and visual appeal, instead of social influence.

Because of that, Pinterest stands out to me as a top source of website referrals. Pinterest is a tool for utility, not a tool for networking. Traffic from Pinterest becomes more qualified and likely to convert because pinners are taking action with intention.

Also, Pinterest is now a public company with over 250 million active monthly users. If you have a business and are still not on Pinterest yet, then you’re really missing out on a huge audience pool!

Pinterest Journey: From 0 to 1M Monthly Viewers

While monthly viewers might seem much like a vanity metric, it reflects your total audience size on Pinterest. I believe how many people you reach has a huge impact on your business conversions as well.

Monthly Viewers on Pinterest are defined as People who have viewed or engaged (saved, closeup, clicks) with your pins in the last 30 days.

Growing an audience is certainly a necessary part of a successful business. Before I started selling courses on the blog, I focused primarily on creating content and growing my email list. Having a loyal and engaged audience was my first priority, followed by blog monetization. This has worked out well so far.

As I want LeanneWong.Co to be a resource to help you market your business better, I will be adding more behind the scenes content for you starting this year. It would document my stats and analytics, review what’s working so far, what has not and should be weeded out.

Not only is this a great way for me to share my journey towards this goal with you, but I believe it would be beneficial for your Pinterest growth as well! Shall we do this together, friends?

I’ll kick-off the first behind the scenes content by recapping last month’s Pinterest performance. Let’s take a look at February!

leanne-feb-2020-update-journey towards 1M pinterest audience (2)

I am using Pinterest Analytics to measure performance and Google Data Studio to generate a monthly report of my Pinterest stats.

January 2020

  • Monthly Total Audience: 270,081

February 2020

  • Monthly Total Audience: 282,177

My Pinterest Strategy in February

Fresh pins: Created new pins to existing blog articles –

1. How I Grew Pinterest Traffic by 459% in 1 Week
2. How to Build a Remarkable SEO Strategy from Scratch
3. 7 Elements of a Perfectly-Optimized Blog Post
4. SEO Blueprint: From 0 to 10K Organic Traffic
5. 5 Ways to Create an Irresistible, Highly Shareable Opt-in Offer
6. 4-Day SEO for Beginners Bootcamp
7. How to Rank Your Blog Post on the First Page of Google
8. How I Used Convertkit to Grow My Email List to 1,000 Subscribers

Total new pins: 9

Date published: 23 Feb

Top Performing Pins in February

The top 3 performing pins were:

  • SEO Blueprint: From 0 to 10K Organic Traffic
  • 7 Elements of a Perfectly-Optimized Blog Post
  • How to Rank Your Blog Post on the First Page of Google


After publishing the new pins on Pinterest on 23 Feb, my total no. of subscribers tripled over the next 6-7 days before stabilizing. This 3x increase was consistent across that 1 week. I believe this is caused by the traffic spike for new pins.

Total no. of subscribers from the SEO Blueprint opt-in doubled in Feb compared to Jan.

Total no. of subscribers from the perfectly optimized blog post content upgrade remained the same. There was barely any increase in subscribers from that content upgrade. It is possible that placing a content upgrade inline within the post is not as effective as a dedicated landing page to attract subscribers. 

However, the total no. of subscribers from the ‘Free Resources Library’ has increased +60% in Feb compared to the previous month.

My Goal for March

Reach 300K monthly views on Pinterest in March 2020.

As my monthly viewers on Pinterest increases, I will monitor the impact it has on conversions by looking at subscriber growth.


Pins linking to blog posts with a content upgrade inline might not fare as well as a dedicated landing page.

Since new pins seem to get a slight boost in visibility during the first 6-7 days, I will try to fully maximize this traffic spike window by publishing new pins every week.

Next Steps:

A/B test performance of the same opt-in placed as a content upgrade within a blog post vs. placed on a dedicated landing page. See which performs better with the same pin.
Quadruple the no. of fresh pins published and document its corresponding impact on subscriber growth.
Create fresh pins linking to top-performing blog posts and document the results – which opt-ins are visitors drawn to after reading content, without prompts to a specific conversion goal.

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