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SEO Blueprint

Complete Roadmap from 0 to 10k in organic visits.

This SEO blueprint has everything you need to know about taking your blog from zero to its first 10k in organic visits. 

If you’re new to SEO, I’ll show you the fundamentals in easy digestible bits. 

If you’re an SEO pro? I’ll reveal some advanced techniques, actionable strategies and tips that you can use to gain more traffic. 

Bottomline: If you want to make the best use of SEO for your blog / online business, you’ll love this blueprint. 

Chapter 1: Search Engine Ranking Factors

Chapter 2: Create contextually rich content

Chapter 3: Linking building for little guys

Chapter 4: Optimize for Google RankBrain Algorithm

Chapter 5: SEO Strategy – The Golden Circle

Chapter 6: On-Page SEO Techniques

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