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Free 4 Day Bootcamp: SEO for Beginners

How to get found on search engines and grow your blog with organic traffic.

In this free SEO for Beginners Bootcamp, we will learn how to get found on search engines and grow your blog with consistent, passive traffic. There are 3.5 billion searches made on Google everyday, making search traffic one of the largest sources of traffic for your blog + biz. But understanding how SEO works is not easy feat — SEO is one of the most complex subjects in online marketing. And my specialty? To help you simply SEO so you can score a huge win on search results and gain more visibility online.

What some of my readers have said...

"I'm a graphic designer on a marketing team by day and come home to work on my blog and online shop and I've never understood SEO. Your course made it SO easy and understandable! I appreciate the bite size videos that walked me through each step and strategy. I now have the confidence to approach my site and tackle SEO thanks to your course!"
Leah Schumacher
Graphic Designer, Salted Brew
"Leanne presents a very technical subject matter in a way that is clear and easy to understand. She gives great examples that help to provide context and breaks the material up into bite-size pieces so it isn't too overwhelming. After completing her course, I feel as though I know which areas of SEO I need to focus on the most and I have a good SEO strategy for my website moving forward."
Kristin Pruis
Brand Strategist, K Design Co

Here's what you'll be learning...


How to find a niche with search demand
  • How to find niches with high traffic potential
  • How to choose a target market and high volume keywords that are not too competitive
  • The Search Demand Curve


How to target the right keywords for your business
  • How to find keywords that drive qualified traffic to your blog + biz
  • Understand the commercial intent of keywords and how to spot them to drive leads and conversions to your site
  • Develop a keyword universe for your business


How to create SEO-rich content
  • Learn on-page SEO strategies to optimize your content for search engines and people 
  • How to find topics with high search traffic potential
  • Use link building strategies to find content topics with high shareability / attract tons of backlinks 


Essential link building strategies in SEO
  • Learn the importance of backlinks in SEO
  • 3 link building strategies to improve your domain authority and skyrocket your rankings on search results

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I’m Leanne, a professional blogger based in Singapore. I started out my career in digital marketing at a communications agency focusing on Organic Search (SEO). 

In that time, I worked with some of the world’s largest companies, helping them increase their online visibility with SEO. Along the way, I met some very ambitious entrepreneurs who wanted to grow their business but could not find a way to drive more results without more overwhelm.

So I started LeanneWong.Co as a platform to share my knowledge with those who might need it. It has now grown into a thriving community of 3,000+ others.  

Over here, you’ll find tons of actionable strategies to bring your business to market. My specialties: SEO, Pinterest Marketing, Email List Building, Blogging for Business. 

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