1:1 SEO Launch Program

For the small business owner who wants a personalised SEO Strategy built from scratch, with 1:1 support from an expert.

Courses aren't for everyone. While I do have an SEO course, there are some business owners who just want the hard work done for them. That's what this SEO Launch Program is about.

We will work together 1:1 to build a solid SEO foundation for your business to rank on Google, without having to take the time to go through another course.

I want this, Leanne! What's the investment?

the investment for this program is USD$2,500 per month with a 3 month minimum.

What do you get?


Target Keywords

Identify 20-30 niche keywords relevant to your business that you should target to rank on Google.

meta data seo ICON

Metadata Optimization

Create SEO-optimized title and meta description tags for up to 10 keystone articles on your blog.

SEO Content Outline

Outline to help you create SEO-rich content for your every blog post you publish.

SEO Strategy Gameplan

Create a personalized SEO Strategy gameplan to rank your blog + biz on Google. We will have 1:1 strategy sessions to identify low-hanging fruits in SEO.



Training on how search engines work and full access to my SEO Demystified course on Teachable. This will help clarify the basics of how to rank your site on Google.


Link Building

Identify link building opportunities to improve your page rank such as: guest posting opportunities, roundup article topics, and other high domain authority link placements.

Basically, it's everrrrything you need to get a solid SEO foundation to get your business ranking on Google.

A highly actionable SEO launch program, giving you the fastest path to ROI inching you closer to that #1 ranking.

SEO is a long-term investment and it takes time to see results. Usually, it takes 4-6 months (sometimes years) to start ranking on Google -- if you're doing it right.

I'd like to take that journey with you, from beginning till your blog is optimized to WIN on search results.

Don't waste another year scrambling through the interwebs trying out random SEO strategies. There is a RIGHT way to grow your business with organic search, let's do that together.

And we'd need at least 3 months to get everything set up and build a solid SEO foundation. You in?

how it works

1:1 with an SEO strategist for your business


SEO kickoff call

We'll kick off our SEO program with a 60-minute session to understand where your business is at right now, what your SEO needs are, and what your goals are for the next 90 days. We will get super clear on how SEO can help you business and create a step-by-step launch plan for higher rankings, increased traffic and income.

three 45-minute sessions per month

After our initial call, we will begin our SEO launch plan. Each 1:1 call will be focused on high-value SEO strategies that you can implement for your business.

SEO deliverables

You'll walk away with SEO deliverables (.xls, .doc) that you can immediately action upon to improve your organic visibility. These are expert SEO recommendations from me to improve your rankings and traffic.

bonuses: access all training material

You'll get unlimited access to all my trainings, courses and resources.

what to expect

  • Overview of organic site performance 
  • Understanding of current business and SEO goals
  • Top-level competitive analysis
  • Prioritized list of actionable recommendations to improve your SEO.
  • Initial SEO kickoff call
  • Three 45-minute sessions per month
  • 1:1 access to me via Skype, so you can ask me any questions between our sessions.
  • I’ll review the SEO deliverables you’re working on so you if you’re stuck on something, you don’t need to wait until our next call. Reach out and I will be there for you (response guaranteed in 24-48 hours).
  • Keyword Research (.xls)
  • Metadata Optimization (.xls)
  • SEO Content Outline (.doc)
  • SEO Strategy Gameplan (1:1 sessions)
  • Trainings (SEO Course on Teachable)
  • Link Building Recommendations (.doc)


  • leanne@leannewong.co

Sign me up, Leanne! I'm so ready!

the investment for this program is USD$2,500 per month with a 3 month minimum.

Why work with me?


Hi there! I'm Leanne. Over 4 years ago, I achieved my first number #1 ranking position on Google for my family's food business.

By SHEER will, trial and error and experimenting with different SEO techniques, we finally got ranked on Google.

From handing out brochures on the streets and counting on word of mouth to increase sales, SEO helped us rapidly grow our business -- we were acquiring new customers faster than we could fill those orders. #insane

With a position #3 ranking on the first page of Google, we sold out in 1 week, earning over $12,000 that first month after facing stagnant growth for years.

By the 9th month, we hit over $200,000 in sales (yup, in less than a year).

Since then, I've coached other entrepreneurs how to use strategic SEO techniques to grow their online visibility and monetize their business with consistent, free traffic from organic search.


Helped a local business that had ZERO organic visibility grow to 7,285 pageviews in under 1 month.


Using good old SEO strategies, I helped a homegrown startup achieve 4,317% increase in organic visits. Google is now their #1 source of traffic, growing their business on autopilot with consistent, FREE organic search traffic! WOO!

Our clients have gotten AMAZING results...you're next!


Book a 30-min free discovery call with me and we'll go over the basics of your business and get crackin' on a great SEO strategy for your business.

your investment:

USD$2,500 per month with a 3 month minimum.

This package is for you if...

  • You want to build a solid SEO foundation for your business and get found on search engines.
  • 1:1 with an SEO strategist to create your entire SEO launch plan from scratch. 
  • Increase your online visibility, drive organic traffic and leads to your business. 
  • For serious entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone who wants to take their traffic growth to the next level, and get ranked on the world’s largest search engine.

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