SEO Masterclass: Your SEO Baseline

Not sure where you stand on SEO? This Masterclass will teach you how to check your website’s SEO performance, what are your top keyword rankings and what to do to improve.


Masterclass Description

Learn how you're ranking on Google right now.


This SEO Masterclass answers the question, “Where am I at with SEO?”

  • How much traffic are you currently getting from Organic Search

  • How are your keyword rankings on Google organic search results

  • How to check your website’s Domain Authority, Referring Domains and Backlinks

I’ll teach you how to figure out your SEO Baseline. What are your top keyword rankings, Organic Traffic performance, Domain Authority and how to improve your SEO.

Your SEO Baseline is the starting point for SEO progress.

The only way to improve is to know where you are currently at.

Your SEO Baseline shows your current SEO standing and serves as a reference point to measure progress in optimization.

Throughout this Masterclass, you’ll learn the most important metrics in Search Engine Optimization: Organic Traffic, Keyword Rankings and Backlinks.

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