SEO Masterclass: How to optimize your blog for search visibility from Day 1.

Ready to build a solid SEO foundation for your business and have the potential to rank on Google from Day 1? In this free SEO Masterclass, learn the exact process I used to get a local startup grow from sub-zero to 1k organic visits in under 30 days. 


Masterclass Description

optimize your blog to rank from day 1

Traffic from organic search is incredibly valuable for two reasons:

  • 5 billion search queries are made on Google everyday
  • consistent, passive traffic that does not fade over time

Capturing just 1% of a keyword’s high traffic potential can mean hundreds of thousands in visits to your business every month.

Organic traffic is so sustainable, it’s impact long lasting and that makes SEO one of the most powerful traffic sources for your blog and business.

I’ve been working in the SEO industry for a few years now, and one thing I know about SEO is this:

SEO usually doesn’t kick in until 4 – 6 months (or a year) after you’ve started working on it. 

That means if you want your blog to have a chance to rank on Google one day, then you need to start optimizing your blog for SEO as soon as possible. 

This 30 min SEO Masterclass is packed with loads of highly actionable SEO strategies to make sure your blog has the potential to rank on Google from Day 1.


1. Fundamentals of Keyword Research

2. Content that Ranks well on Search Engines

3. Fundamentals of On-Page SEO

4. Link Building Strategy

5. SEO Launch Program