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Free Download: SEO Audit Checklist

A full technical + content audit of your website to improve your SEO performance. This includes site hygiene checks, on-page SEO and user experience factors that could affect your rankings on search engines.

Download my 27-Page SEO Audit Checklist and get higher rankings from Google today!

What is covered in this SEO Audit Checklist?

27-page technical + content SEO opportunities to improve keyword ranking and traffic.

What is an SEO audit, you ask?

An SEO Audit is a health check of your website by identifying technical and content opportunities on your site in order to improve ranking performance on Google’s search results. The goal is to make your website SEO-friendly and increase organic search traffic to your site.

In this 27-Page SEO Audit Checklist: Everything you need to know and implement to improve your website’s technical site hygiene and optimize your content for search performance. 

High impact optimization strategies: Content + Technical SEO

This Checklist covers high impact optimization strategies touching on the core components of Search Engine Optimization: Technical and Content SEO.

✓ Keyword-to-Content Mapping
✓ Long-form Content Creation
✓ Keyword Density Metrics
✓ Search Intent & Keyword Query
✓ Metadata Optimization
✓ Google Search Console Setup
✓ Page Speed Optimization

✓ Internal Linking Strategy

…and much more! Ready to get your website found on search engines?

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