Hi there! Welcome, new friend.

I’m Leanne, a professional blogger based in Singapore. I started out my career in digital marketing at a communications agency focusing on Organic Search (SEO). 

In that time, I worked with some of the world’s largest companies, helping them increase their online visibility with SEO. Along the way, I met some very ambitious entrepreneurs who wanted to grow their business but could not find a way to drive more results without more overwhelm.

So I started LeanneWong.Co as a platform to share my knowledge with those who might need it. It has now grown into a thriving community of 3,000+ others.  

Over here, you’ll find tons of actionable strategies to bring your business to market. My specialties: SEO, Pinterest Marketing, Email List Building, Blogging for Business. 

Want to work together? Drop me a note at leanne@leannewong.co


Here are some tools and resources I use and recommend! These are apps, tools, and resources I use on a daily basis in my business.

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that I’ll receive a small commission if you click and decide to purchase from the product links. This helps support LeanneWong.Co and allows me to continue to create free content. I only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your love and support! 💕

Business Operations

Gmail business email (Gsuite): For email with your business domain name. If you are a soloprenuer or professional blogger, the Basic Plan at $6/month would be just perfect.

Google Drive (Gsuite): For file storage and management. Comes with the Gsuite. Also free to use if you have a gmail / google account.

Asana: For organising your to-do-list and client projects. Free to use and is sufficient for bloggers and small-sized companies.

Skype: For team communication. NOT ‘Skype for Business’. The personal Skype app works much better.

Website / Blogging Platform

Siteground: For website hosting. I strongly recommend taking the 3-year hosting plan if you don’t have an account with them yet. It’s so worth it! 

Namecheap: For buying domain names. Always affordably priced and seamless setup with most web hosting providers.

WordPress: For business content/ blogging platform. Don’t waste time with Wix, blogger, blogspot. Haven’t tried Squarespace yet but don’t think I’ll ever have to.

Marketing + Sales

ConvertKit: For email marketing, automation, creating powerful email sequences and exponentially grow your list. 

Deadline Funnel: For creating evergreen funnels and timers. Integrates with Convertkit and many other platforms.

Tailwind: For scheduling and automating pins on Pinterest.

Teachable: For hosting and selling your online courses. 

Elementor Page Builder (Free): For designing websites and landing pages. Perfect to build amazing opt-in pages and sales funnels. A near 100/100 score on Google PageSpeed.

Elementor Pro: For professional bloggers / agencies who build websites for clients. Elementor Pro comes with a full suite of features to create the perfect site. My favourites – Elementor Pro’s theme builder and form builder.  

Analytics / Marketing Tools

Google Analytics: For understanding your website visitors and traffic data. A must-have for anyone with a website.

Google Search Console: For understanding your search performance on Google. 

Ahrefs: For identifying backlinks, competitor backlinks and SEO research. This is an advanced tool, recommended for professional bloggers and businesses with a marketing budget. Try their $7 for 7 Days trial!

SEMrush: For SEO research – keyword research, traffic analysis, backlinks. Try their 14-day free trial to understand how you’re ranking on Google now and your top keywords. 

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