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Why I Choose SiteGround for Web Hosting


Choosing the right hosting provider is one of the most important steps when starting a blog.

I use Siteground for hosting both my biggest site (this one) and other smaller sites too.

Siteground markets itself as having faster page load speeds and I definitely saw a huge difference when I switched to Siteground from the previous host I used.

I also love their customer support which available via chat 24/7. It’s great to know that a professional team will always have your back when a sudden backend programming error occurs.

Click here to get started with Siteground web hosting. <<<<< BIG SCARY AFFILIATE LINK!

siteground web hosting start a blog

Why choosing the right hosting provider is important

As a blogger, I’m not super experienced in programming or navigating server databases. Imagine going through your c-panel or php files when your site runs into a technical error. Not fun.

Unless you’re comfortable with handling backend programming stuff, it’s best to leave that to the pros. Don’t chu think?

So you can focus on more important things, like creating amazing content and building your blog + biz. #YAS.

I highly recommend Siteground because I found it to be the most reliable hosting provider with near 100% uptime. But there are more reasons why I continue to use and trust them.

In this post, I’d like to share my journey of why I decided to switch to Siteground with you. Hopefully, this will help you guys make the right decision and avoid making the costly mistakes I did!

5 Reasons Why I Switched to Siteground

  • Reliable web hosting with 99.99% uptime
  • Affordable pricing starting at $3.95 USD per month
  • Fast website speed and server response time
  • Free SSL Certificate and HTTPS Configuration
  • Outstanding customer support with 24/7 live chat

1. Reliable web hosting with 99.99% uptime

I have never experienced any technical issues with Siteground. Previously, I was with Bluehost and my website crashed with server errors almost every 7-8 months. No joke.

There were days when I visit my site and find a “bad gateway 502” error. Gasp.

For a blogger/online business owner, this was a deal breaker. When I contacted Bluehost’s customer support team (after 1-2 hours of waiting usually), still — they never could resolve the problem for good.

avoid bad hosting choose siteground

I couldn’t risk using an unreliable web host with sporadic downtimes. Imagine waking up one morning and find your site offline all of a sudden. Not cool.

Then, I heard plenty of good reviews about Siteground’s web hosting. People were praising their performance features and customer support quality to the moon.

Curious, I spoke to one of their pre-sales team and asked every possible question about their hosting packages.

Siteground’s 99.99% uptime record assured me that I could safely run my online business.

Their automatic backup system and hosting technology were also primed for bloggers. Highly efficient and provides great stability in times of high traffic spikes.

I migrated to Siteground and am currently on the GoBig plan.

Since using Siteground, my site is always online and I never worry about hosting issues again — more time to create content and actually focus on making more income + impact!

2. Affordable pricing starting at $3.95 USD per month


Siteground’s hosting packages are very affordable. Starting at $3.95 USD per month (billed annually), you can get your website up and running in no time.

You’ll have to pay for 1 year in advance to enjoy the $3.95 per month pricing. That amounts to $47.40 USD which you have to pay upfront for the whole year.

Most people choose this option because switching web hosts mid-way through your blogging journey is costly. And I don’t mean that financially.

Migrating your site from one web host to another every few months will hurt your site performance and affect your business from running smoothly.

Your web hosting is basically the land that your village will be built on. Pick a solid ground and you can build an empire.

Grab Siteground’s hosting package at $3.95 now.

Secret Tip: Go for the 3 Year Plan to take advantage of the discounted $3.95 per month

It is no secret that many hosting providers reel you in with cheap starter plans, only to lock you in with high renewal fees.

Well, here’s the truth — Siteground is doing the same thing.

Siteground’s initial hosting packages range from $3.95 – $11.95 per month (only in the initial stage + 1 year contract). After that, it’s renewal prices start at $11.95 – $34.95 per month.

siteground hosting pricing renewal cheap best

After 1 year, when your hosting package is about to expire, Siteground’s renewal price will be 3x more than the one you signed up for.

So don’t fall for that trap! If you know blogging is something you will be taking seriously, invest in it for the long-run.

Take the 3 years plan upfront, and you can enjoy the discounted price of $3.95 USD per month for 3 years. That’s about $142.20 USD for the WHOLE THREE YEARS.

A friggin’ steal!

Siteground is possibly the most value for money hosting provider right now and investing in it long-term will be worth it, my friend.


But I also know how hard it can be to invest in your blog. If you know that blogging is your path and this is something you take seriously, then take the plunge and make your dreams come true.

Your blog is your pathway to a profitable side hustle, to a business that could potentially give you a full-time income in the future.

Start your blogging journey the right way with this special price.

3. Fast website speed and server response time


This was my site’s load time after switching to Siteground, as tested from Pingdom. Apparently, it is faster than 45% of Pingdom’s tested sites. Wow.

A fast loading site is crucial for user experience and search engine optimization.

Google recommends a load time of under 2 seconds. That’s because how fast your site loads affects user experience.

A study by Pingdom found that as soon as a webpage loads for more than 3 seconds, more than 30% of users will bounce off the site.

Google does not want to serve up webpages on its search results that has bad user experience. And guess what?

Speed is now a factor in SEO, according to Google Developers.

site speed fast web hosting

There are tons of ways to optimize your site speed, such as reducing image sizes, minification of CSS and Javascript, browser caching among others.

But the root of the problem starts from the server — how fast your server can respond to a request made by the client (visitor) is the first step to site speed. Essentially, when a user visits your page, he is sending a request to the server.

Then, the server responds by loading the your page. The time elapsed until your page is loaded since the visitor found you — is what’s known as Time to First Byte (TTFB).

Picking a web host with fast TTFB is crucial to your site speed. If your server takes forever (3 seconds or more) to load a page, then heck, the battle is already lost.

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Siteground’s Dynamic Caching and SSD reduces load time

Siteground’s server response time is pretty decent at 869.5ms.

Trust me, you CAN notice an immediate improvement in your site’s load time and overall performance after using Siteground.

No more scouring the net for additional plugins to optimize for site speed. They got your back on this one.

Siteground also provides a detailed breakdown of your site performance if you raise a support ticket. This helped me figure out exactly what elements on my site were taking the longest time to load.

4. Free SSL Install and HTTPS configuration

siteground free SSL certificate HTTPS

You can install an SSL certificate for free with Siteground’s Let’s Encrypt SSL feature.

HTTPS configuration is quickly implemented and your site is secure in no time.

As long as your domain is hosted on Siteground, you can install a free SSL certificate with just a few clicks.

Ready to build your business around a reliable host? Click here to get started right away.

5. Outstanding customer support with 24/7 live chat

The customer support from Siteground is seriously amazing. They’ve helped me migrate my website from Bluehost for free and was always available via chat 24/7.

Previously, I waited literally HOURS just to get someone from Bluehost to assist me. A lot of back and forth with different support officers and sometimes a single ticket can span days or weeks to be fixed.

In comparison, Siteground’s customer support team has extensive knowledge about web hosting issues. They are not just sales people.

All their support officers are equipped with technical expertise. I don’t think I’ve ever had a technical problem that was unresolved for more than a day.

They are quick to get to the root of the problem and fix it for good.


Author: Leanne Wong

Leanne Wong helps bloggers and entrepreneurs grow an audience and make more money online with organic, inbound marketing.

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23 People reacted on this

  1. This is great information to have for those looking to change hosting providers. I love my hosting provider so I won’t be changing but I still think this is great especially for new bloggers who don’t know who to turn to for hosting.

  2. I’m currently using bluehost and am thinking of switching in a couple of months when I need to renew my hosting with them. Do siteground help you to migrate your site over to them? I’m still new to blogging and the thought of breaking everything is rather intimidating!

    1. Hi Hannah! Yes, Siteground helps you migrate your site for FREE! They helped me migrate my site smoothly with no downtime at all. Super thankful for them!

  3. I’ve heard Siteground is fabulous..Ugg I am still on blogger. I just can’t afford to have my site migrated and hosted too right now. I know being on blogger is killing my SEO, I need to get off it..its lame!

  4. I currently use WordPress but since reading your article, I am really considering either switching or using it along with WordPress. Love how you’ve explained everything in detail. Thank you so much for sharing <3

  5. I’ve been thinking about switching to Siteground for a long time, I’m just swamped with stuff to do and I’m curious about how much work and how much will not work as it previously worked and so on. I will have to do it once, I’m just clearly just procrastinating! Thanks for reassuring it will be the right choice.

    1. No problem at all, my dear! Siteground is quite reliable, and their 24/7 live chat support is superb. You’ll be in good hands 🙂

  6. I think this post is very informative. I see so many bloggers ask about hosting. I believe you gave a genuine response. I use site-ground as well. Their customer service is impeccable! Great post!

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